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Whenever I get this trigger point in my shoulder blade, I use my Co-Bar™ fitness bars to stretch and move, and it (the trigger point) goes away.
— Stephanie S, Scottsdale, AZ

I use them [Co-Bar™ fitness bars] in my power walks, and I definitely can feel my upper body and torso having to work. They definitely ramp up my walks.
— Ann F. Vail, Colorado

I like them [Co-Bar™ fitness bars] because they are easy for me to hold, and I can vary how heavy they feel depending on where I hold them. They certainly feel heavier than my little 1 lb dumbbell.
— Jane W, age 88, Scottsdale, AZ

Since using my Co-Bar™ [fitness bars], I can feel my arms toning up. They really do help!
— Cara P. Phoenix, AZ

I started using my Co-Bar™ [fitness bars] and they definitely take my workout to the next level. They are a really simple and cool way to change things up and to make yourself better.
— Beaver B, Cumming, GA

I use these [Co-Bar™ fitness bars] as I go for my jog. My arms get a good workout, and I can feel it in my core. They definitely make me work harder!
— Shannon W. St. Teresa, FL

I have my patients use these in the physical therapy clinic for a variety of things. They love them. They find that the Co-Bar™ fitness bars enhances the movement that they are performing.
— Aaron R. physical therapist. Glendale, AZ

They [Co-Bar™ fitness bars] definitely help me warm up quicker before playing tennis. When I start hitting (tennis) balls, I feel like I’ve already been on the court hitting for about 10 min. I feel more loose and ready to go.
— Duane J. Winston-Salem, NC

Co-Bar™ fitness bars help me in my land warm-ups for swimming. When I get in the pool, I feel more ready to go. I really like them.
— Zen. competitive youth swimmer. Phoenix, AZ

The benefits of the Co-Bar™ fitness bar, I believe, have played a part in my team’s success this year. The players think they work great!
— Coach B., Men's Tennis Coach for top ranked NCAA Div 1 Team
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