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Fitness bars

Putting fitness in the palm of your hands.


The Story

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While they are only 1.5 to 2 lbs, they are longer than a standard dumbbell; thus, they create a “lever arm” of a weight.  Holding the Co-Bar™ fitness bar in the hands influences a greater recruitment of the muscles throughout the arm, the shoulder, the upper back, the lower back, the latissimus dorsi, and the abdominal oblique muscles.  Therefore, there is greater energy demand on the body which increases caloric output, cardiac output, increases fat burning, and provides a higher level of toning and even strengthening during the workout.  Although lightweight, the Co-Bar™ fitness bar is a lever arm, allowing the user to sustain their exercise for a longer time period without early fatigue versus using a dumbbell of a heavier weight (to get the same effect) in which all of the weight is centralized in the hand. 



How to use Co-Bar™

Because of the length of the Co-Bar ™ fitness bar (18”), there is a lever arm effect created.  The Co-Bar™ fitness bars are to be held at either end, but they can be held in the center.  When moving with the Co-Bar™ fitness bar, being held at either end, the lever arm that is created suddenly increases the resistance and influences the additional recruitment of the muscles in the arms, shoulders, upper and lower back, the latissimus dorsi, and obliques.  Depending on which end of the Co-Bar™ fitness bar is being held will alter which muscles are more involved.



Using Co-Bar™ can boost your results, increasing your range of motion and improving your performance gaining you better benefits from your stretch. 



Co-Bar™ enhances your exercise with low impact strengthening and core training that takes your workout to the next level. Push beyond the simple motion with the extended bar and work your muscles in a whole new way.



Whether walking or running, your simple arm motions can be intensified with Co-Bar™. Depending on how you hold your Co-Bar™ fitness bar, your resistance can be a lower or higher intensity.

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