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Light weight and low impact, the Co-Bar™ makes a greater energy demand on the body which increases caloric output, cardiac output, increases fat burning, and provides a higher level of toning and even strengthening during the workout.  Although lightweight, the co-bar is a lever arm, allowing the user to sustain their exercise for a longer time period without early fatigue.


Who can use Co-Bar™? 

The Co-Bar™ fitness bar is great for all exercise enthusiasts, regardless of their sport or activity.  It also makes an excellent resistance tool for the elderly who may struggle with using a heavier weight..


Is Co-Bar™ safe to use?

Because of how lightweight the Co-Bar™ fitness bar is, one can exercise for a longer and sustained period without over-stressing the joints, ligaments, and muscles.  Yet the lever arm of the Co-Bar creates a highly effective workout for the body.


How does Co-Bar™ benefit me?


In addition to enhancing a cardio or an aerobic workout, the Co-Bar™ fitness bar can be used to assist with balance during a stretching routine.  It can also be used as an assistive device for improving joint mobility in all areas; particularly of the hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and spine.

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Notable Clients


Wake Forest University

WFU tennis team uses Co-Bar™ fitness bars in their warm-ups to increase mobility and reduce risk of injuries when playing. WFU Men's Tennis Team is ranked #1 for 2017! We are proud to be a part of their continued success on the court!


Other Custom Co-Bar™ Fitness Bars

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